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Our Story

As a high school teacher in Houston, TX, Live Well Co-Founder Jessica Downs routinely worked with students who had experienced trauma. She loved teaching, but Jessica felt drawn to support her students beyond the classroom. While Jessica pursued a master’s degree in Social Work, her husband, Josh, 
was already practicing as a therapist and deepening his expertise as a 
couples counselor.
In 2018, Jessica and Josh joined hands to create Live Well, with the shared mission to address the root of trauma, distress, and disconnection, and to reveal pathways for healing and hope. They’ve since built their practice to include a talented team of therapists who share their commitment to serving clients with warmth, compassion, and humility.

Our Guiding Beliefs

  • We believe in showing up as our authentic selves.
  • We believe in being present and attuned to others.
  • We believe how you show up is just as important as what you know.
  • We believe in play and not taking ourselves too seriously.
  • We believe in humility and the power of curiosity.
  • We believe everyone deserves a high quality of life.


Jessica Downs


A skillful and caring healer, Jessica Downs specializes in the treatment of complex trauma and dissociation. In addition to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), she incorporates Ego State Therapy, Polyvagal Theory and the Theory of Structural Dissociation into her one-on-one work with adults of all ages. Jessica is known for her warm, grounded presence, and her ability to bring playfulness to the often difficult work of therapy.
While pursuing her master's degree in social work at the University of Denver, Jessica was introduced to the benefits of EMDR for the treatment of trauma. The education she received led her to seek out advanced training in EMDR, and to pursue certification. Today, Jessica shares her expertise in EMDR as a Trainer and Senior Faculty member with Kase & CO, one of the country's foremost EMDR training providers, and as a consultant to other therapists.

Josh Downs


With a specialization in couples counseling, Josh Downs provides hope, direction, and encouragement to help couples reconnect and transform their relationship. Josh is known for bringing warmth and humor to his counseling sessions, and for his ability to connect with the experiences of each individual within a partnership. Josh has a special ability to make his clients feel safe, and to shine a light on unseen patterns and cycles. The process allows partners to move away from assigning blame and to instead address the dynamics at work in their relationship. 

An advanced practitioner of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Josh helps his clients address communication problems, broken trust, addiction, infidelity, and mental illness. In addition to his work with couples, Josh has extensive experience working with teens and young adults, and with individuals facing depression, anxiety, and behaviors that seem out of control. 

Josh earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology and his master's degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University, where his areas of research included childhood resilience and scrupulosity. Josh has been a practicing therapist since 2009.
Each one of our therapists contributes their unique perspective and expertise to our practice. We invite you to get to know our people.

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Our Space

We created our environment with your experience in mind. Our welcoming offices are open and spacious, with pleasing colors and soothing lighting that support a state of calm and regulation, so you'll feel safe to engage in the deep work of self-discovery and healing.